Wireless Sensor - FLEX RF Module

As the name implies, the Flex RF Module was designed to be flexible. It's purpose is to bring RF communications quickly and easily to your electronics projects. We have documented a few tutorials below to help get you up and running quickly. 

The Flex can be used for quick prototyping on a breadboard or part of a permanent solution fixed to a PCB. It has 20 pins provides access to all available functionality. The radio module comes with support for a multitude of external sensors often used for Internet Of Things (IOT) projects.

Follow the link for a complete set of Flex tutorials.

All functionality is built into a single firmware and can be accessed without having to update firmware to a different version:

  • UART serial port that enables communications with other Micro-controllers (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone etc..)
  • Thermistor temperature sensor
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  • DHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2 x Analog inputs
  • Button sensor
  • 2 x Relay switch controllers
  • 3 GPIO pins that can be switched on/off

Flex Pinout Diagram

For more details on the Flex, please refer the Wireless Sensor Manual.