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LCD Projects for Raspberry Pi

The following series of tutorials will show you how to connect LCD screens to your Raspberry Pi and run the software required to send messages to the screens. Below we have an overview of the functions we have implemented when linked to your PrivateEyePi system. 

LCD hardware and software tutorials: 

If you are planning to link your LCD panel to your PrivateEyePi system:

Functional Overview
 Function  HD44780  Nokia 55 10 Comments 

Alarm Activity

Alarm sensor activity is display in real time as each event happens.

Alarm Armed
  When the alarm is armed, using a tactile switch, an indicator is displayed all the time to show the alarm is armed. The HD4470 displays an "*" top right and on the Nokia 5510 it displays the status below the line at the bottom. 


 Whenever a temperature reading is received it can be displayed in real time, or rotating through all temperature readings at 10 second intervals.

Temperature &

Same as the temperature reading except with additional information for humidity.

Display Alarms

When an alarm occurs the screen will display the Location that triggered the alarm. This message will stay on the screen until it is cleared by pushing the button.

Display Activity and Alarm Logs

Use the button to scroll through the last 10 alarm activity logs.