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WiFi Wireless Gateway MQTT Guide

Wireless Gateway MQTT Guid
MQTT Features:
  • Easy to configure web interface.
  • Connects to MQTT Broker with or without a username or password
  • Tested with Mosquitto Docker brokers and Emqx public broker.
  • To get data the agent will subscribe to the broker and request messages for JRF1234556/21TMPC .
  • To get all data the agent will subscribe to the broker and request messages for JRF1234556/# .

JemRF MQTT Message format:

The MQTT Client will send the JemRF/PrivateEyePi wireless sensor message to the broker in the form.
  • It will publish to the broker with the WiFI Gateway Id JRFxxxxxxx where xxxxxxx is the unique Gateway ID.
  • It will use the sensor Id an Type as the sub subsription in the for nnTMPC
  • The published value is the value of the sensor.
  • Example: for message 21TMPC23.34 from the Gateway named: JRF1234556 would be publisned to
    JRF1234556/21TMPC with value 23.34
  • More details with example and a Node-RED Demo are at WiFi Gateway MQTT

  • When the Gateway MQTT settings have been entered, the Gateway will connect to the Broker. If successful data will be published as soon as new data is received.
  • If an error connecting to the broker occurs, the web ui will be slow to respond and after 10 seconds of failed attempts to connect to the broker the Gateway will stop trying and disable the MQTT Settings.
  • If the MQTT interface is disabled, when the web detail page is refreshed a RED message MQTT Disabled, excessive connection Errors!