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Troubleshooting Email

If you are having problems configuring your email here is a simple Python program you can use to test your email settings.

Download the application by typing the following at the command line:

sudo wget www.privateeyepi.com/downloads/test_mail.py

Edit the file and enter you email, password, smtp_server and encryption options. 

Type the following to edit the file:

sudo nano test_mail.py

Change the four lines after where it says Settings. The example below are the setting required for a GMAIL account:

YourEmailAddress = "myalarm@gmail.com"
YourPassword     = "iloveprivateeyepi"
smtp_server      = "smtp.gmail.com"
Option = 2

Make sure your settings go between the quotes, and be careful not to delete any of the quotes. If you are using an internet service provider other tan GMAIL then enter your ISP's smtp_server and encryption option. There are three encryption options available:

1 = No encryption
2 = SSL
3 = TLS

If you don't know which option is right for your ISP then try them all (one by one) until it works.

Save the file by typing CTRL-X followed by y followed by ENTER.

Run the program by typing the following:

sudo python test_email.py

Once you get it working then you can use these settings when you configure your alarm system. Don't try configure the alarm system until you get this program working.