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Install a module to control Raspberry Pi GPIO channels

You can skip these steps if you already have this installed.
In order to use the General Purpose IO ports on your Raspberry Pi from Python you need to install the following module which is included in the alarm.py program you will download later.

At the time this was written the latest version was Rpi.GPIO 0.5.2a. The version gets updated from time to time so you will need to change the version in the following steps to be the version number that you have downloaded. 
Power up, log into your Raspberry Pi and make sure you are connected to a network. You will reach the command prompt similar to this:
We will download the module into the /home directory (folder for Windows users), but you can download it into any folder of your liking.
Type the following commands:
cd /home
sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo gunzip RPi.GPIO-0.5.5.tar.gz

sudo tar -xvf RPi.GPIO-0.5.5.tar
cd RPi.GPIO-0.5.5

sudo python setup.py install