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Having Problems?

If you are having problems you can contact or support email and we will answer all emails with 24 hours.

If you receive an error running alarm.py or if the alarm dashboard is not working properly it is likely caused by a network or configuration problem. We have a alarm test utility that will help you diagnose the problem.
Power up, log into your Raspberry Pi and make sure you are connected to a network. You will reach the command prompt similar to this:

Email problems? - Try this tutorial

1. Check network connectivity
First lets make sure the network is working.
You should receive the following:
PING privateeyepi.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from server310.webhostingpad.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=53 time=24.4 ms
64 bytes from server310.webhostingpad.com ( icmp_req=2 ttl=53 time=23.8 ms
Press CTRL-c to stop the ping
If the ping command gave an error, then:
 - make sure your network cable is connected to the Raspberry Pi
 - reboot the Raspberry Pi
 - if you are using wireless then re-check you wireless configurations
2. Check your configurations
Make sure you have configured the following on the www.privateeyepi.com website:
 - Locations
 - Zones
 - Zones linked to Locations
 - Email addresses if you want email
Check that your username and password is configured in the alarm.py file
If you want email alerts make sure you have the SMPT details configured in the alarm.py file.
3. Download and run the test application


If the ping was successful then download our test application to diagnose further.




sudo wget www.privateeyepi.com/downloads/alarmtest.py


Edit you username, and password as you did above for the alarm.py


sudo python alarmtest.py


You will get a dump like below, and if a problem is detected the program will direct you to where the problem is.


Your user=youremail@you.com
Your password = abc123
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
You have configured 6 ports:
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Front Door,/n
GPIO=13, Locations=Front Door, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Front Windows,/n
GPIO=11, Locations=Front Windows, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Back Sliding Door,/n
GPIO=15, Locations=Back Sliding Door, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Back Door,/n
GPIO=22, Locations=Back Door, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Dining Room Windows,/n
GPIO=12, Locations=Dining Room Windows, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
Whole House,Basement,/n
GPIO=18, Locations=Basement, Zones=Whole House
Sending request to server:
Receiving reply from server:
You have 1 email addresses configured:
All Looks OK!